Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dental science , it directly refer to beauty of dental , or improves the appearance of teeth Is generally a cosmetic surgery which refer to beauty of dental , improves the appearance of teeth and treatment of disease or major dental reconstruction .

Teeth is important part of your personality and beauty , it play major role in speech , digestion , and enjoying food .

Cosmetic dentistry make your smile beautiful and attractive. It make you to have beautiful smile , be more happy and have more confidence .

Finally it helps you feel better ..

Cosmetic dentistry is include of :

Tooth whitening : is completely harmless and can be done of any age , can work on natural teeth , but degree of whitening and speed of whitening is depend to initial color of teeth.

Laminate : are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length

Composite : A composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components

Bridge : is a fixed dental restoration (a fixed dental prosthesis) used to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth definitively to adjacent teeth or dental implants. A bridge will span the area where teeth are missing.

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