noise surgery

What is nose surgery( rhinoplasy )?

Nose surgery is type of cosmetic surgery , that performed to change shape and improve nose on the face . it also can treat medicine problems like breathing problems .


How does nose surgery done ?

Nose surgery is done by the operation of hospital , but it dosent mean you must stay in hospital , 2 or 3 hours after your surgery can leave hospital ,step by step :

First you will get general anesthesia then you will sleep during surgery and fell no pain , then surgeon make cut on nostrils, and make cut across the based of nose , shape the inner bone and cartilage to produce pleasing appearance.


What happen after nose surgery ?

 After nose surgery , must stay home and wear nasal split . may be you have some bruising around eyes that will be improve after third day and after two week it completely improved .

After surgery , may you have a little swelling , and just you and surgeon will notice and after 6 months final shape of noise will be complete .



Nose surgery is a permanent cosmetic surgery ,  after surgery must avoid of strenuous activity for six week , can return to social activities in about three weeks without any signs of surgery.

You can change the shape of your nose in any way you like.

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