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Each person with different nationality , and different purpose , have certain situation to get Iranian Visa .

Applicants must prepare the documents related to purpose of trip and also prepare an interview for Consular section .
In below there is a list of related documents to types of Visa:

For getting a Visa which you applied , you must proved requirements according to law.Until your visa is not issued don’t plan on tripping or reserve a ticket .

Note :maybe you need another documents. Please check out the web site of Embassy or Consular for submission of application, to how apply for Visa . you need more documents to improve that you are eligible for Visa.

General required documents – for all types of visas

The following documents are necessary required for all types of Visas:
Have valid passport for traveling to Iran. the passport must be valid at least 6 months after the applicants has stay in Iran. ( except on a specific condition like agreements between countries in this filed.) all applicants for tourist Visas, include of persons who want to visit the sights or archaeological sites , and those persons want to visit holy sites and religious cities, first must obtaining Visa so through of travel agencies and tourist centers can travel to Iran.

Required documents :
1. filled out Visa application form by the applicant , typed and presented without any alteration.
2. two 4 × 3 photo of face , with white back ground , and without any hat and glasses.
3. the original and copy of the applicant‘s passport , who has six months remaining validity.
4. having the principle and image of accident insurance up to visa
5. payment of visa fee (the time when referring to Embay ) at the office of consular section of the embassy , the address of bank will announced.

Applicants of tourist Visa must present a license number issued by valid travel agency and applicants of holy tourists Visa, just can written a request of applicant. The Time duration of issuing Visa for those persons which submit documents to Consular Department, also those persons received authorization number of Ministry of foreign from travel agencies takes, at least one week.

Applicants of tourist Visa , in order to expedite of issuing visa , can send their personal information and permit number to the email address of Concular Section of the Embassy ; and receive certain reply , for referring to Embassy. Airport visas for tourist ,valid for two weeks

According to decision of council of ministry Islamic republic of Iran , constitute that, the passport and Visa Department affairs , located at Imam Khomeini (RA) , Mehrabad , Mashhad , Shiraz and
Tabriz airports issued tourist Visas (take about two weeks ) for holders of the valid passports and Visas of following countries as described below .obviously ,this type of visa will be extended ,if According to the decree of the Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is stipulated that after the passports and visa offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located at Imam Khomeini (RA), Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz airports for holders of the valid passports of the countries as described below, at the request of the visa applicant Up to two weeks). Obviously, this type of Visa will be verified by the relevant Officers ,(at least up to two more weeks) if found necessary
by the competent authorities (up to two week ).

Required documents
1. The original and copy of the applicant`s valid passport, with 6 month credit and without any alteration .
2. to expedite the travel of passengers , travel companies, travel agencies , can send the request And profile of groups which applying for Visa to passport and visa Department Ministry of Foreign affairs , 48 hours before arrival of passengers to enable them to deliver the required authorizations to the Passport and Visa Office in the considered airport.
3. people who are not eligible , referring to points of entry and received negative response , will be responsible for the consequences and related costs.
4. in order to expedite the issuance of visa , who do not have invite from Iran and not have specific address must referring to www.itto.org and choose residential hotel and after reserved, deliver
reservation form to the passport and Visa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Imam Khomeini (ra), Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz airports, in order to receive their Visa.

This type of Visa actually is for the purpose of tourism issued and those who are originally citizens (nationals) of Azerbaijan - Albania - Germany - Austria - Armenia - Uzbekistan - Spain - Australia - Slovenia - Slovak - United Arabic Emirates, Indonesia – Ukraine - Italy - Ireland - Bahrain - Brazil - Brunetti - Belarus - Belgium - Bulgaria - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Portugal - Peru - Tajikistan - Thailand - Turkmenistan - China - Denmark - Russian Federation - Romania - Japan - Singapore - Sweden - Switzerland - Syria - Saudi Arabia - Oman - France - Palestine - Cyprus - Kyrgyzstan - Qatar - Croatia - South Korea - North Korea – Colombia - Cuba - Kuwait - Georgia - Lebanon - Luxembourg - Poland - Malaysia - Hungary - Mongolia - Mexico - Norway - New Zealand - Venezuela - Vietnam - Netherlands - India - Yugoslavia – and Greece. The above procedure does not apply to the holders of political, service, and commercial passports, as well as holders of passports issued for experts, journalists, reporters; and Iranian citizens who have foreign passports, but have not taken away their citizenship under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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