Kian Health Tourism


  • Why US?

      Reliability and safety: transparency and ethics is our basic strategy.

    Affiliated to the University of Science and Culture, and due to having a complete understanding of the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, our institute is highly sensitive and careful in choosing physicians, medical centers, accommodation, valid travel services, and reputable travel agencies and introduce the best services and options to you.


    Access to information: You do not have to spend a lot of time to get detailed information

    Information about destinations, medical centers, physicians, accomodation centers, travel agencies and their related costs will fully accessible for you through our portal, application, and experts, so that you will be able to organize your medical trip easily and conveniently based on your needs and budget.


    The choice is yours; the care and support is from us

    We connect you to a range of accredited centers.


    Feel happy for your medical trip: we will stand with you during your medical trip

    Our experts will support you, on the basis of your order, and will be with you at all stages of your trip. After registering your first application, our free services are provided; and after registation of your first order, we will begin offering professional services. Some of these services include:

    • Coordinating your prospective hospital or physician

    • Doing affaires related to the medical visas, flights, and city transfers

    • Coordinating accomodation-related affairs

    • Providing needed interpreters for the patients, etc.

    • Recording the medical trips

    • Providing bank credit cards and mobile phone lines

    • Providing inter-city and intra-city tours

    • Providing souvenirs and handicrafts

    • Providing other services requested by you


  • About Us

    Kian Health Tourism Group is a facilitator of medical tourism, planning and coordinating your trip and supporting you during your medical care trip to Iran in collaboration with experienced specialists, well-equipped hospitals and clinics, accommodations and hotels.

    Regarding the fact that a trip for medical care is quite a complicated and stressful process, the right choice of destination, health centers, accommodation, the kind of treatment and specialist, and so on would be difficult for treatment seekers. Our group, being well-informed of health centers, accommodation and travel services and a knowlege of prevalent rules in Iran helps you to make an informed and adequate choice.our group will help you to have treatment process with appropriate price and good result. We provide you with a safe and satisfactory stay during your trip for medical care offering a wide range of services, coordination and support.

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Contact & Support

  • Address : Floor3, Behesht Blv, Tachara St, Shiraz, Iran
  • Email : info@kianhealthtourism.com
  • Phone : +989173228462
  • Mobile 2 : +989173228462